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A Web Server To Select And Visualize Genetic Clusters Based On Multiple Methods

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Please Cite Our Paper:
Li YL, Liu JX (2018) StructureSelector: A web based software to select and visualize the optimal number of clusters using multiple methods.Molecular Ecology Resources, 18:176–177. [link]
References of the methods used (cite the corresponding methods you used):
Puechmaille SJ (2016) The program structure does not reliably recover the correct population structure when sampling is uneven: subsampling and new estimators alleviate the problem. Molecular Ecology Resources, 16:608–627. [link]

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Instructions »

  1. Compress the results of STRUCTURE-like program into zip format
  2. Select format and Upload the zip file
  3. Check the multiple option if the uploaded zip file contains multiple datasets
  4. Click Run!
Predefined groups (populations) are critical for Puechmaille method.
We recommed using Chrome browser in case of file checking issues.
PopMap file (the first column are individuals' name, the second column are the corresponded populations' name with no spaces, at least two populations or groups are needed) is required if the format is not STRUCTURE, or the predefined population options were not turned on in STRUCTURE. The order and number of individuals (the first column) are critical in PopMap (must be identical to the input Q or f file)
Please rename the files like ADMIXTURE (e.g. suffix is xxx.Q) if you upload other Q-matrix files
Further details please see FAQ

Any questions please contact me
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